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Things I Use Every Day!

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Budgeting Basics Template

Don’t freak out over the B-word! A budget is simply a tool to help you gain control of your money.

Spoiler Alert---all companies use a budget! Why wouldn't you?

This is the SIMPLE budget we use in a pinch and to get started. We keep it super simple for a reason.


*If you're interested in our REAL BUDGET that comes with formulas and tracking, check out my MONEY TOOLS page.​

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Weekly Meal Planner

You will save the most on groceries when you go weekly, shop your refrigerator and pantry FIRST, and go in with a plan! My weekly meal plan is FREE and step 1 of the process! Go ahead, click that download button! 

Mastering Money

Get ready to change your life, my friend!


This guide is your golden ticket to start taking control of your finances. No, we’re not going to cover everything – you’d be stuck reading this forever. But we will dive into the essentials: mindset, budgeting, emergency funds, paying off debt, and the basics of investing.

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Debt Tracker

Here you are, friend! This is simple for a reason! Keeping track of finances can be complicated, especially as you start to get into multiple bank accounts and investments. Let's take the complexity out of it, shall we? We're starting with our debt. This simple tracker allows you to download monthly and really keep track of that debt snowball! You can do this! Next stop…FREEDOM! 

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