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Are you spending too much time on social media for your business?

Hey Friend!

Social Media has been my passion from the time I discovered my thumbs. I started (and still manage) an 8-year-old  non-profit from the ground up using only Facebook, so you can say it's a great love of mine.

I've always felt that if you love what you do, it's never really work and so for the past 14 years, I've enjoyed working as a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager for numerous start-ups, established businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Social Media is the fastest way to reach your ideal consumers and it's growing each and every day. The downside to this is the amount of time you, as a business owner, can spend in that time suck.

That's where I (and my dedicated team of 6 amazing women) come in! We're here to take the mundane tasks off your plate so that you can get back to your passion and other aspects of your business. 

Hand us those pesky administrative duties and you can get back to focusing on the things that matter.

Ready to get started? Let's chat! 


Admin Duties
  • Email Management

  • Client Communication

  • CRM Management

  • Back-office Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Blog Upkeep

  • Podcast Editing

Social Media
  • Content Creation

  • Scheduled Posts

  • Engagement

  • DM Management

  • Analytics Management

  • Hashtag Research

  • SEO

Social Strategy
  • Social Media Audit & Optimization

  • Content Strategy Development

  • Audience Growth & Engagement

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Brand Voice & Identity

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