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Welcome, friends!

It's time you felt confident with your money! My mission is to empower you through laid-back education, easy-to-understand budgeting templates, financial courses, masterclasses, and tons of FREE resources.

Budgeting and Investing should be fun and easy to understand, and I'm here to make that happen!

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I'm Whitney!

I’ve been married for 15 years to my best friend, Kurt. We have a 21 year old son, Drennen, and twin 14 year old daughters, Harper & Bayler.


I was divorced before the age of 21 and that left me with a ton of debt and a lot of baggage.


About 2 months after I married Kurt, we took a class 

that changed our lives forever. We paid off $50k of debt in 3 years, started investing in ways we never knew how to, and have lived debt-free (minus our house) ever since.


In 2023, we were able to build our dream home. Just 6 weeks after we closed, Kurt lost his job. The ONLY thing that pulled us through that dark time was our financial foundation. If we had not put the basics in place all those years ago, I can tell you with certainty that we wouldn’t still be living in this dream home.


Because of my passion for budgeting and financial freedom, I have since obtained my Securities Industry Essentials license and have made it my mission to help others become Financially FREE!


Buckle’re next!

Money Talk

Budgeting Basics

Mastering Money Roadmap

Weekly Meal Planner

Budgeting Template

I've worked HOURS so you don't have to! All you need to do is put your own figures in and the formulas and work are done for you! 

FREE Resource

Embark on a personalized four-month journey towards financial stability and growth with our expert guidance.

FREE Weekly Meal Plan

We save money by shopping weekly, using what we have, and walking into the store with a plan! Download my free meal planner.

Budgeting Basics Template
Mastering Money Roadmap
Weekly Meal Planner


"I just love that you're sharing so much value on Instagram! People definitley don't know about budgeting and investing like they need to! Your advice on High Yield Savings Accounts was spot on!"

Keri H.

Have a money question? Interested in working together? Send me a message! 

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